Monday, 29 August 2011

Aids is your fault

Didn't you know? If you have Aids, it's your fault. It's your fault for being 'defenseless and hopeless and suffering from sexual guilt.'

Oh, and if someone you know has Alzheimer's then it's also their fault. They're 'refusing to deal with the world as it is.'

If your ass itches it's because you're guilty. If you have athlete's foot you are 'frustrated and unable to move forward with ease'.

I have had my appendix out and this is my fault for being 'scared and blocking the flow of good.' Oh. And I thought it was just bad luck. But surely my gallstones weren't my fault, right? That painful and traumatic time I went through wasn't my fault as WELL was it? Oh, it was you say? Because I am 'bitter and have too much pride'.

Oh, well this is comforting.

My dad dying of heart failure though. That wasn't his fault, surely? Oh hang on, 'Long standing emotional problems. Belief in stress.' If only my dad hadn't BELIEVED in stress he would still be alive? Is that what you're saying?

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the world of Louise L Hay. She has written myriad self help books. In fact, she's credited (on her own website, presumably by herself) as starting the self help movement.

She believes that illnesses - or what she cringingly calls dis-ease (geddit?) - are caused by negative emotions. So if you have cancer, you just have to 'lovingly forgive and release all of the past and choose to fill your world with joy.' Yeah. That's it. That's the cure for cancer everyone. All of these stupid scientists wasting their time making actual medical breakthroughs. What do they know eh?

Louise knows because she has written a book. A book that was published in 1976. And has gone on to sell gazillions of copies and be translated in 33 languages. She has a five star review score on Amazon out of almost 3,000 reviews.

This makes me weep. She's a dangerous quack preaching bullshit to vulnerable people and it makes me sick. How fucking DARE she? It genuinely makes me seethe with anger that people who purport to be helping the sick, vulnerable, depressed or people who just want some help, feel this gives them a licence to print money by vomiting up any old shite out of their raddled, confused brains.

She says she cured herself of cancer by thinking positively. It was gone in six months. It doesn't occur to her that perhaps she was one of the lucky ones? That cancer does spontaneously go into remission for some people? That maybe, just MAYBE, it wasn't the power of her tiny mind that made it magically go away?

Her ideas are embarrassing, frankly. And it shocks me that so many people are lapping up this shit. I don't see anything wrong with the self help genre in general. I think reading can certainly help at difficult times - I have a shelf full on relationships and grieving because they give me comfort when I'm feeling low.

But to preach as FACT this kind of nonsense is disturbing in the extreme. She may as well be prescribing leeches for fucks sake. She is an out and out charlatan, a con artist and someone who displays very little understanding of the human psyche and the grief and fear that comes with illnesses.

Sure, there's nothing wrong with being positive and telling yourself that things are going to be OK. Maybe they will be. But to preach this stuff INSTEAD of proper medical care is irresponsible and disturbing. And to blame people for illnesses over which they have no control is neither helpful nor humane.

Still, Louise L Hay doesn't give a fuck. Why should she? She can cure cancer and she's sitting on millions of dollars worth of vulnerable and terrified peoples' money to prove it.

I have been recommended her book by a few therapists and counsellors over the years but only just got round to reading it. After scraping my jaw up from the floor I did a little research and see that her roots are with the Church of Christian Science. Alles klar.

Hope you burn in hell Louise L Hay. You can always try positive thinking while you're down there, hey?


  1. crazy evangelists! I'm all for positive thinking, one day I may even do some of it, but to prescribe it instead of actual medicine is pretty moronic ;(

  2. God, THANK YOU! This immoral high school dropout ripped off tens of thousands of persons with AIDS in the early years of the disease... People who had nothing that even came close to a cure and were desperate for something that would maybe ease their suffering. These people made her rich from buying her books and tapes. Don't know how this quack lives with herself. I hope she suffers a hundred fold of her sad followers.