Monday, 15 August 2011

In which Dukan and I take a break

So yeah. Turns out you were all correct. You lot with your warnings about feeling like crap and not having any energy and it basically being a ridiculous idea to cut out all food groups except chicken and beef. Yeah, well, whatEVS. I told myself I'd give it till Monday and so I did. Today is Monday, right? The brain fog induced by lack of sugar has rendered it difficult to understand precisely what day it is.

After a humdinger of a bad mood this last few days, coupled with a bloody awful headache and, well, gut problems that I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy, I have decided that vegetables, fruit and perhaps some whole grains need to be reacquainted.

Back to Weight Watchers it is. For those that don't know, WW is basically a way to restrict portions but not the foods you ingest. Everything has a points system so, technically, you could follow WW and eat chocolate cake as long as you don't exceed 29 points a day.

I suspect anti-dieters and those blessed with natural self esteem and the corresponding ability to not neurotically obsess over their weight, will still think WW is a Bad Idea. But I think my OCD and control freakish nature responds well to a system where I have to track what I eat, write it down, get points and, well, sort of level up.

Oh shit. I'm A GAMER.

Excuse me, I need a lie down. And a ryvita. Come to momma...

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