Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Lookey likeys

For various spurious reasons I've been a bit shit with the old dieting for the last couple of days. Today, I ate potato with cheese. Deal with it.

Other things I have been doing include watching some truly awesome TV. I started with University Challenge (I got two right. Score), moved on to some kind of antiques show which, I noted with surprise, appeared to be hosted by Emilio Estevez. I wondered what had happened to him. I mentioned it to my mum who pointed out it was actually Sandi Toksvig.

Spot the difference:
Emilio Estevez
Sandi Toksvig

Uncanny isn't it? And then I felt a bit nauseous because I used to fancy Emilio in Young Guns II.

And then my mum said I could watch whatever I wanted as she was going for a bath anyway, and how was CSI? Boring as all shite I said. I would like to watch Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model please. Fine, she said. I'm going to bed. OK, I said. And then we both watched the entire episode.

Now I wouldn't necessarily have seen this, particularly as it is much more nausea inducing than the Estevez/Toksvig debacle, but one of the contestants came on and my mum said:

She looks like that comedian.

I said: which one?

She said: You know, the strange one.

I studied the face of the model, who you can see here:

And it came to me in a flash. My favourite Boosher. The man I have lusted after for approx six years. Mr Noel Fielding. A wee internet search confirmed that my mother wasn't the first to have thought this. Twitter itself was temporarily abuzz with the same observation.

I had to go and bleach my brain.  

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