Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Pah. Youths.

I don't get why people are all anti-TV. It's a thing what I have noticed over the years. My vast years in the wilderness of people and usually an awful lot of 'cool' people but ALSO an awful lot of 'geeky' people. It is only in the last few years they have appeared to meld into one. So geek chic is in. It's been in for a while, and let's face it, it's not showing any signs of going anywhere. It's sort of morphed with the London hipster look circa 2005 and sometimes, I have to confess, just renders me confused.

While gazing out of my window in the manner of a sage writing type, I observe the young people and their habits. Often I don't know what season it is thanks to the propensity of the young'uns to wear denim shorts all year round and the increasingly disturbing uptake of espadrilles and mid calf jeans/jeggings for boys.

I also find the vogue for the 80s and early 90s confusing. Girls are wearing exactly what I wore in 1995. Hell, sometimes I'M wearing exactly what I wore in 1995. How can this be? Although I have re-embraced the old inner goth since turning 30. She's hard to let go of. Neurotic bitch. What?


I'm aware this just sounds like the ramblings of a lady well past her prime and who possibly relies on the opinions of her corpulent kitty too much about various things, but I shall push on through now I've started.

NHS glasses that, in my school days, people would have been openly and brutally ridiculed for are everywhere. Worn mostly, it appears, by people that don't EVEN NEED GLASSES. Or they have Ray Bans. Like real Ray Bans. I didn't have real Ray Bans, well, ever actually. No one had real anything, apart from Doc Martens and they were from Birmingham Rag Market.

You know what this started as? A very quick rant about how people shun TV because it's not cool anymore. And how much I love it. and then I was going to regale you with tales of what I'm watching at the moment but now I have to go and Do More Work. Because I couldn't stop chuntering about the youth of today and their dress sense. God. How annoying.

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