Saturday, 24 September 2011


Earlier there was a blink and you'd miss it posting. Which I took down after approx 10 minutes. It was a comedy (in my bitter and blinkered eyes) rendition of Adele's Someone like you. The song that is so very difficult to listen to when you're having a shit relationship or what have you.

I love the song actually. She's got a way with words that lass. Particularly for someone who is just a wee bairn.

But me reworking the lyrics in an amusing fashion as a passive aggressive dig at someone who has really fucked me about and hurt me is too low even for me. It felt good for the second I posted it, but on re-reading it just seemed kind of bitter. And lonely. And, well, like it took far more effor than he deserves (it didn't - 10 minutes max even though I got it all to scan and everything).

The lyrics are just too full of lamenting and pathos. And I'm much more in the mood for a 'fuck you, you massive massive bastard' kind of song. Not one about turning up out of the blue and how much it means to me. That's no help to anyone, is it Adele? How about a song about how much of twat he is and how much better it is without him? How about one of them?

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