Sunday, 11 September 2011

P. M. A

I just wrote this whole blog post about men and relationships and then deleted it. Self censorship at its finest. Perhaps this isn't the place. But I'm totally writing a book, just so you know. And you have to buy it.

Suffice it to say I've been reading far too much self help recently. And staying in too much. My week last week comprised of sitting on my sofa in my pants writing stuff, dragging myself to my other job as bar tender supreme at the finest boozer in Leamington, cooking for friends and then waving them off as they go out for fun times and I stay in sneezing on the cat and lamenting my ever rubbish immune system.

There's no worse place for a sufferer of sinusitis - for twas the nature of my malady - than behind the bar at a busy pub on a Saturday night. It was actually slightly surreal in its horribleness as I struggled not to puke on the customers and/or pass out while taking their food order. The music was too loud, the people too lairy, the pace too fast, and the colleagues lacking in sympathy.

In fact, my quiet, dignified moans and requests for empathy fell on the deafest of deaf ears as the embryos I work with looked at me askance when I said 'sinusitis'. I think they thought it was an old person's disease or maybe women's problems judging by their embarrassed giggles.

Still, being called moody for the 50th time while just attempting to stay upright while sweating out a fever, is still a First World Problem. I should be grateful for the health I do have (when I have it - the lack of non essential organs and the myriad scars on my torso would probably argue otherwise).

Maybe it's time I did muster a positive mental attitude to life. It's not something I've tried before. Let's give it a whirl shall we? See what happens if I go all Pollyanna-ish. I'm aware that at least 85% of you will have no idea what I mean by that last sentence.

However, ploughing on, from tomorrow I will try a new tack. I will smile at old people and small children, I shall remember my ex boyfriends with affection and glad tidings, I will walk with a spring in my step and assume just around the corner is a cornucopia of delights. I will stop comparing situations to Dante's circles and I'll cut the fools on Twitter some slack.

Let's see what happens...


  1. Furiously happy :)
    Good luck, keep us posted on how it works out!

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