Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Easy target

I have a long standing fascination with Jodie Marsh. Strange but true. A few years back she kept a blog, which was completely and totally unintentionally hilarious. It was about her nights out at the Sugar Hut and spent a lot of time chronicling her clear alcoholism and justifying wearing outfits such as:

And this:

Many of her blogs went on and on and on about how she was all natural and didn't have fake tits like that Jordan. And then she went and got fake tits.

And then she went and advertised for a husband. On TV. How crashingly low must your self esteem be to stand in the middle of London begging for someone to come and be 'auditioned' for the role as your husband. At one of the castings there was a total of four men. And two of them were drunk.

Soldiering on, Jodie decided to become a tattooist. This was also filmed for a TV show. She failed hard. But not before branding her own father with an enormously shit tattoo.

After a spate as a lipstick lesbian Jodie disappeared out of sight for a couple of years.

And then last week, this happened:

Jodie announced her sudden devotion to a career as a body builder. For a TV show.

"Every single person is jealous of my body" chirps Jodie.

Of course they are love. OF COURSE they are. Who wouldn't want to look like a man with fake tits covered in ronseal? Who, in short, wouldn't want to look like this?

I just wanted to share that with you all. You're welcome.

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