Monday, 10 October 2011

Invisible woman

You ever get the feeling that you're actually invisible? No, boys, not invincible. Invisible.

Today has been a day of fuckwits being fuckwits.

I was informed by a company that I would very very much like to work for, a company that I hold in high regard, that I have an interview with them. A date was pencilled in. That date was last Friday. I was told to wait for confirmation. I received none. So, me being me, showed willing and called them up. I was told: yes, we definitely want to interview you, we're waiting for someone or other to come back from New York and then we'll be in touch.

Fine. OK. I figure no point in calling again because that would be annoying.

Still nothing. So I call again. Nothing to lose really at this point. Oh, how wrong I was. Turns out that the interviews were on Friday but he forgot to tell me. He forgot. HE FORGOT. Someone forgot to confirm with a candidate that they were due in.

And now you see, well, even though it's my fault (says he - freely admitted it was an error on his part) I still lose out because they've selected for next stage. So, you know. Shrug.

By this point panic and tears were rising in my gorge. I don't mind as much not being selected at all. That happens all the time. Believe me. The last six months there isn't a job I haven't applied for. But to be offered an interview, to be told that I sounded perfect for this, and then to lose out because someone FORGOT ME.

I meep out: But that's not fair, can I still be interviewed.

I can hear the shrug in his voice as he mumbles something about it being his fault but hey ho. Like this happens every day. Like a golden opportunity is dangled in front of you and then taken away just like that.

I feel like an X Factor reject. I can see Louis Walsh's asinine grin in front of me as he plays with my emotions. Look at what you could have had.

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