Thursday, 27 October 2011

Nail varnish remover. Yes. Really.

Yesterday I accidentally punched a wall while walking past it resulting in a cut across the vein in my right hand. I smashed an entire bottle of rum at work resulting in the loss of two hours wages. I stubbed my toe so hard on a chair that I fell over and cried. And finally, I tried to remove my make up with nail varnish remover.


I'm almost in awe of my own stupidity. I honestly don't know how it's possible to be so vacant and so clumsy and so ME to do stuff like that. I mean, nail varnish remover? Really? I only realised when my eyes started to burn and I began to choke.

In other news I'm anxiously awaiting my contact lenses. I have a costume for Halloween that I've actually put some time and effort into. Usually I rely on the fact that I'm good with goth make up and go as a generic witch or corpse bride. But this year I'm working at our Halloween party and decided to go as the Black Swan.

For those who have seen the film and know me well, you'll most likely agree it's a good choice. Not, I hasten to add, because I see any resemblance between the divine Natalie Portman and me physically (quite obviously, I would have thought, although someone the other day did say: How are YOU going to make yourself look like Natalie Portman? It hadn't actually occurred to me at that point that anyone would think I would even try to. It's the character I'm going for. Capice?). But I definitely identify with the character. I'm often to be found mindlessly peeling the skin from my fingers and only noticing when it bleeds and repressing my rage and psychosis. I jest. Ish.

Anyway. The costume should be aces but sort of lives and dies on whether these contact lenses I've ordered arrive on time. I paid for two day delivery. Three days ago...

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