Thursday, 19 January 2012

Handbags at dawn

I'm having some issues with people taking exception to some of the hilarious and profoundly moving blog posts I write.

And it's really starting to piss me off.

Just to be clear, lest anyone is seriously suffering from an imbalance of intellect, all opinions on here are my own. While you may not agree with them, that doesn't actually change the fact that they are my opinions.

I didn't think it was necessary to caveat my sentences thusly: "In my opinion, atheism is the only logical and rational answer, although I completely understand that other people have other opinions and that is totally lovely and smashing." Because I credit people with the intellectual and analytical ability to infer this from my text.

I also didn't deem it entirely necessary to point out where I may be pushing my arguments or sentence construction for either comedy or dramatic effect. This is a blog. It is not even a very coherent blog. There is no theme. It's not for any particular audience. It's just general nonsense. I am not holding myself up as an expert on ANYthing. But I do know what I think. And no amount of poorly rationalised and badly spelled goading on Facebook will change that.

You know you can always not read, yeah?

Big smooshy cuddles to people who don't take everything I say so utterly deathly seriously.

Now onto the fun stuff....

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