Saturday, 28 January 2012

My personality is infectious

"I've ticked the box 'athletic and toned' . I've told you about my white water rafting adventures in the Congo and my curious yet spontaneous sense of humour and joie de vivre. I don't own a TV, of course, and I'm always on the go. Friends say I'd be the perfect boyfriend and I'm always optimistic. Life is for living. You only have one life. Friends say I'm sexy and handsome. I'm tall and intelligent. I'm looking for a girl who is between 6 stone and 9 stone 4, extremely attractive and knows how to look after herself. None of these 'no make up and jeans' types for me! I work hard to keep myself in shape and expect my woman to do the same. I don't want a needy or clingy woman and anyone who is with me should respect my need for independence and spontaneity. I literally don't know whether I'll be in the same country from one week to the next so I need someone who respects that. Anyone who isn't at my level of attractiveness won't receive a reply. Sorry ladies! It just saves you so much time in the long run, doesn't it? I'm at a stage in my life where I deserve a woman who looks like a supermodel and agrees to give me 12 blow jobs a day while never actually exhibiting any signs of a personality."

Love from 90% of men on dating sites.

Who look like this:

Or this
Or this

I'm not entirely sure what kind of mirror they all own but I wish I had me one of them.

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