Wednesday, 18 January 2012

What's an atheist?

While at work last night I was asked whether I believe in god. I like questions like this. I like to debate these issues and find out what people think. It genuinely fascinates me if people say they believe in a god or a religion. I want to hear about why. I like to hear rationalisations and I like to hear how and why people form their opinions.

I answered, of course, that I am an atheist, it being the only rational and logical answer to this sort of question.

A youngster at the bar chimed in with : "What's an atheist?"

I'll just leave that hanging there for a bit.

We went on to talk about SOPA and Wikipedia and cheezburger and the shut down etc etc.

Same youngster: "What's Wikipedia?"

I just wanted to share that.

While my heart gently weeps for our future as a species.

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