Saturday, 4 February 2012

Sausage woes

I can, once again, hear and feel the bass from The Sozzled Sausage pub. Does anyone remember when this place was cool? Does anyone remember when the food they sold was actually really good? And they had loads of different kinds of sausages? And they had a mini vibrator machine in the girls' toilets? And the music was laid back and chilled? And everyone used to go there?

Granted I'm going back about nine years but it genuinely was a fucking ace place. In fact, I just finished working at another pub which is now managed by the guy who managed it when it was ace, conincidentally. Which probably explains why the pub I've just left is one of the most popular in Leam.

These days The Sozzled Sausage, unfathomably, caters to the chav class. I know that 'chav' is a lazy and, sometimes politically potentially dangerous banner to use. I don't really want to be part of labelling an entire sub sect of society as some kind of working class proles. However, I have just had my third migraine in a week and I'm close to going fucking postal, so I'm just going to stick with chavs.

It's not just catering to the chav underbelly of The Spa, it's actively encouraging them. Its DJs are woeful. I mean really, really embarrassing. They wear sort of faux gangsta/hipster outfits and fake tan and V neck t-shirts and are just, well, horrendous. I have never seen more than about 10 people in there, and five of those are usually the 'crew' of 'DJs'. I genuinely have been embarrassed for them in the past. And yet all I feel now is burning hatred.

And despite the lack of customers and the widespread villification of this once great pub, they are still advertising cheap drinks, WKD shots (whatever the fuck they are. One of the things I fucking adored about the pub I worked at is we didn't sell any fucking alcopops or sours.), shit 'promotions', shit 'music', shit 'food' and shit regard for their neighbours.

I lived next to this pub for ages with no problems whatsoever. Over the last year or so it's been like living next to a really shitty, really loud, really unpopular, really embarrassing slice of Ibiza. And it's one of the few reasons I will be glad to move from this street. You absolute fucking wankers.

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