Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Feeding the trolls

Sooooo. The Daily Mail has done it again, huh? Everyone's dancing to their tune. Social networks crashing under the weight of disbelief, disgust and ire over Samantha Blick's puff piece about how it's so hard being beautiful because women are jealous of her and men keep giving her things. Something like that.

This swept t'internet like a raging case of herpes yesterday when it was published. There are over 5,000 comments on the article itself, ranging from the: "You're mental love, I've seen better heads on a mug of beer," through the "I feel sorry for her, poor woman." to the "Why am I reading this utter utter nonsense?"

The latter was repeated by the great and the good across Twitter. People like Lauren Laverne and Derren Brown; intelligent people, people who 'don't normally read the Mail' commenting on poor beautiful Samantha. People openly wailing: Why am I doing this? while not being able to stop themselves doing it. People knowing that they're being manipulated somehow by someone but not quite getting it together to just stop looking, stop clicking, stop feeding the troll.

I read it, obviously. And I had all the reactions that everyone else had: what the fuck; average at best; what a twat; women obviously don't like her because she's massively deluded and up herself, not because she's so beautiful. People don't like her because she's a maniac who clearly orders a drink and then takes the waiter's attention as more proof of her sublime and irresistible beauty. So basically she's a knob who's written a knobby article for a knobby paper. This actually happens every day in the Mail. Every single day there's bullshit in there that is laughable, blatant lies and generally manipulative.

A quick search of the author's past articles throws up one about how her husband chooses what she wears, and she's happy with that. There was one last month about how she uses her charms to manipulate men in the workplace. Endless pieces about how successful she is and how much of a victim she is. Horrible, negative, empty, vapid nonsense.

None of these got more than about 100 comments. It's almost like they decided to ramp it up and have her write a feature BEGGING people to react. And react we did. In our thousands. And the Mail got what it wanted, more hits, more press and more money.

The Mail is the biggest troll the interwebz has ever seen. Let's stop feeding it, eh?

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