Sunday, 5 August 2012

Hell really is other people

Every now and again I have a look and see how many views my posts have had. I find it interesting when people seem to find old posts and I wonder how they get to them. Sometimes the search terms give it away.

Back in 2011 I wrote a post entitled 'Fuck off dog' which is about the black dog of depression.

I noticed today that somene had read it. I thought perhaps that maybe, just maybe, it would have been stumbled upon by someone who also suffers and they might find a modicum of comfort knowing that they're not alone.

I looked at the search terms for that would have led this person to my blog. Out of all the posts in all of the world, they found mine. That's a special feeling right there.

The search term that led this particular person to my blog is: people fuck dog


That's actually something that someone typed into Google. They woke up this morning and thought to themselves, you know what I really fancy? Some bestiality. Yep, siree. That's what does it for me on a Sunday morning. I mean, I could watch the Olympics or have a nice bath but I'd rather just search for images of people boffing our canine friends. Oh, look. Here's a blog post about it.

Presumably at that point they were disappointed in finding a post about depression and went off to abuse a few animals. Maybe kick some cats or something. Find a horse and chat it up. Molest a sheep maybe.

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