Sunday, 23 September 2012

Fuck you HTC (and possibly O2)

Sometime ago, can't remember how long, although usefully I did blog about it so that means I can check accurately when I can get a fucking upgrade, I got an HTC Sensation. I decided that I wanted a break from Apple and their reliable, stylish easy to use products and got myself a massive, cumbersome, buggy, virus ridden piece of shitting SHIT that doesn't even send and receive texts reliably.

So basically the Nokia brick I had in 1998, which looked something like this:

was more reliable as an actual communication device than something that looks like it could be a deadly weapon in the wrong hands, so large is it, and doesn't actually fucking WORK. I hate Google Play, it's messy and I can't find what I want and also it charges you in an annoying way and I hate the fact that every time I reboot I have to install a gazillion updates that never seem to make any fucking difference to any of the apps, most of which don't even work. And most of all I hate that fact that when I have arrangements with my friends and they text me to check on them, or see if I'm awake, or ask me what time, I don't GET THEM so I'm left looking like a rude, ignorant bitch and also don't get the precious friend time that I planned.

This blows. Your only job, HTC Sensation and/or O2 (don't know whether to hate the game or the player at the moment), is to deliver messages back and forth. And while you can seemingly manage that if I'm lucky and my friend has WhatsApp or Viber installed, SMS is beyond you. You might be a bit shiny but someone said you looked old and past it the other day, and I defended you. Fuck that. As soon as I can sort it HTC AND O2 are out, iPhone 5 and another network... yet to be decided... is in. Maybe then I'll actually be able to use my phone as a communication device instead of a massive, shiny, USELESS brick.

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