Sunday, 16 September 2012

News and culture review

Photos of Kate Middleton in the nude on holiday: who gives a shit?

Debate on whether this means media is turning said Kate into another Princess Di: she looks like she has the rictus grin and eating disorder down already but still, who gives a shit?

Anna Karenina film: joins the other classics ruined by casting Keira BLOODY Knightley. See also Pride and Prejudice, Dr Zhivago.

Middle East kicking off in response to shonky video of dubious quality possibly taking the piss out of Mohammed: Ridiculous anti-western hate mongering bullshit using a crap video as excuse. People who use religion for their own dirty agendas should go fuck themselves. So that's the entire Catholic priesthood then.

Father and two sons killed trying to rescue their doggie from drowning in slurry: so so unbelievably sad.

iPhone 5: slightly shinier iPhone 4S.

Kim Kardashian: still a cunt but an even cuntier cunt since she got with Kanye.

The Thick of It: Opposition: still elicits snorts of amusement and recognition but Malcom's lost his edge.

And that's all I can remember about news and things this week. It's possible other things happened too.

The end.

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