Tuesday, 2 October 2012

I'm really, really sorry...

... to any readers who were expecting something juicy and salacious in this morning's blog. Facebook saw fit to spam anyone who clicked on the link with the message that a 'Facebook partner' has reported the link as potentially abusive. And then went on to, ironically, try and push some MacAfee product on said readers to protect them from spam.

I immediately felt guilty. People must have been expecting something quite massively offensive.  Perhaps one of those posts where I pour forth a torrent of bile towards an accordionist. Or a man who was whistling near me. Or perhaps one of those blogs where I say that god doesn't exist. And then say cunt. Or cunty mccunt.

And all you got was my opinion on Lakeland products. I will rectify this tomorrow with a really offensive post. Just doing my bit to get those numbers up for MacAfee.

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