Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Is BT a 'Facebook Partner'?

I don't know what a Facebook Partner is. Is it one of Facebook's wives? Fuck buddies? Friends with benefits? I didn't know Facebook was such a slag.

If BT is one of slutty Facebook's 'partners' then they well be reporting this post as 'potentially offensive'. There aren't enough uses of the word cunt to convey my utter contempt for BT and everything it stands for. They are robbing bastards, borderline criminal with their lack of information and absolute cunty mccockfaces for insisting I hand over £200. What for, you may ask? Perhaps it is for a massive phone bill that I ran up talking to some twat boy. I know what you're thinking. But no. They want me to hand over that amount of cash for the privilege of leaving. That's right. I phone them up and tell them I don't want their services. Instead of saying: "Thank you very much for years of loyal custom, Miss Henderson, and umcomplainingly paying all your extortionate bills over the years on time and by direct debit - just how we like it. We will be sorry to see you go but good luck on your travels."

Instead of saying that they said: "You've still got a year on your contract and then you have to pay for the installation."

"Uh. What contract? I wouldn't have signed up for an 18 month contract if I'd known. And I paid the installation fee when you, you know, INSTALLED the fucking thing."

"Oh, we gave you a really good deal so now you have to pay it back."

"What the living FUCK are you talking about?"

Then, coincidentally, I managed to mute my phone with my giant face and by the time I had sorted it, we had been cut off. I didn't have the heart to do it all again. She called me back four times.

I'll leave tomorrow. Probably.

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