Wednesday, 10 October 2012

To swear or not to swear…

… that is the question.

Astonishingly, some readers of my little blog here cannot get past the language I sometimes employ. My mother is one of them. She argues that any point I make is completely lost and will surely be ignored by all right thinking individuals due to the amount of times I say fuck and cunt.

Weirdly, an ex-boyfriend of mine is of the same opinion. Although I’m almost positive he says fuck and cunt quite a lot. I mean, I lived with him for about eight years. I’d have noticed if he didn’t swear. Wouldn’t I?

I like to think that swearing is entirely subjective. I am rarely offended by it - even by people who swear at me. I have been much more hurt in the past by people using other words to describe me. Mostly along the lines of: “You’re too fat to be my girlfriend” and “You’re too mental to be my girlfriend” and other things to do with just generally not fitting in to anyone’s vision of a girlfriend or, indeed, person. I’d have much rather been called a twat or something.

But, of course, this is my own personal opinion. If I read something that incorporates many swear words, then I’ll usually snigger because people using the word fucktard, for example, amuses me. But also, it is the language of my time. I have no wish – believe it or not – to offend anyone just for the hell of it. If I want to offend someone, conversely, I’ll generally use very long words with many syllables that have nothing to do with saying fuck or cunt. 

This is usually reserved for morally bankrupt people who have absolutely no compunction about stepping all over people for their own selfish and nefarious purposes. Those people make me want to vomit shards of anger in their face. Projectile vomit. Like Reagan in The Exorcist. I certainly wouldn’t waste any of my amusingly concoted swear words on them.

If I’m writing about accordionists or ridiculous people on TV and I swear, it’s generally because I think the sentence sounds funny. It really is that simple.

I do appreciate though, that some people may be offended by reading my blog and perhaps feel a certain level of moral superiority as they sniff disgustedly at the tenth use of the fuck word. And to those people I would say, maybe go and read something else? Perhaps a nice newspaper? Not the Guardian though because they sometimes say cunt. Try the Daily Mail. They hide their fascist tendencies behind the sort of morally hectoring language you’d probably feel right at home with.

Or just keep reading because it does everyone good to feel a bit superior every now and again. You can thank me later.

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  1. It's as if this blog is written by me, needless to say, loving what I'm reading, and as far as swearing goes, fuck it, say what YOU want to say, how you want(or need)to :D