Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Well, it definitely rhymes with Hunt...

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt thinks that the abortion limit should be halved. To 12 weeks. Based on, you know, nothing really, other than he feels a bit icky about the whole thing. Perhaps he agrees with Republican fuckwit Todd Akin who thinks that women who are raped can't get pregnant. Something to do with the fact that little sperm men can only get into the egg lady when the woman is enjoying herself. Therefore if she's pregnant it can't have been rape. Because she must have been enjoying it. Therefore abortion shouldn't be allowed. QED. Obviously. OBVIOUSLY.

What kind of cretinous cunts are in power in the Western world? What kind of absolute arsehats could spout this kind of shit? Akin I'll just leave aside as I actually can't compute what kind of total fucking prick would, in all seriousness, believe this shite.

Let's go back to our very own Home Secretary, shall we? Jeremy Hunt reckons that somewhere or other there's some scientific justification for the abortion limit to come down to 12 weeks. No one has been able to track this evidence down. He apparently deems that life starts at 12 weeks. To which lots of scientists have said: "Um. No, not really..."

Cameron must be lamenting his choice. Bad timing. Bad bad timing. Just when the Tories were going to start an obsequious fight back and lie their asses off to win around a scornful populace, oopsie, Mr Hunt gone said something stoopid. They have quickly and vociferously denied that they're even thinking about the possibility of lowering the limit from 24 weeks to 12. But the damage is done. A debate that is emotive, sensitive and highly charged has been shat all over by the careless words of one of the fucktards in power.

There's a disturbing anti-abortion movement growing in this country, echoing the dangerous voices in the US and it makes me ragingly angry.

I have had an abortion. And I am not ashamed. I had it for the right reasons, I thought carefully about it and, eight years on, I still know I did the right thing. And I am grateful for those who fought for my rights as a woman and as a human being to choose. Because there are hundreds of thousands of unwanted, unplanned, uncared for children in this country alone. And for centuries women were forced into dangerous poisons, being operated on by backstreet butchers or being forced to have a child, whatever the reason for its conception.

I was treated with respect and kindness. I knew that I would be safe and that I wouldn't have to worry about dying from a secondary infection. I was also looked after by the NHS and didn't have to pay hundreds of pounds (which I couldn't have afforded at the time). And for all of this I will always be grateful.

We are enlightened, intelligent people with a growing population problem and finite resources. Why is the threat of losing a fundamental right to decide what happens to our own bodies even on the radar? How can this be happening in 2012? It's also clear that Jeremy Hunt apparently thought that his "it's only my personal opinion" would be enough to cover his ass. So he's also fucking stupid. This may be his personal opinion. Maybe he also thinks dinosaurs didn't exist and god is a man with a beard sitting on a cloud. I don't really give a shit. The point is he is our HEALTH SECRETARY and he doesn't get to make flippant, ill thought out, ignorant, unscientific comments.

When are we going to stop going backwards?

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