Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Back to life...

... for a month at least.

It's a relationship that's doing me more harm than good. It's been around four years I think and, while there have been some good times, there have been many more bad ones. It's taken up my time, my mental strength, it's increased my neuroticism and obsessive thinking. It's fuelled my jealousy, over sensitiveness and isolation.

Sometimes it's rewarded me with validation and amusement. But it's no longer enough. I'm in a weird headspace, still caught between two lives and I want just one. I want this one. I left the last one for a reason.

So, in line with my giving up of meat, which I decided I would do for one month and 'see how it goes', I've decided to give it up. For one month. If it's anything like vegetarianism then it's going to be a lot easier than I think it will be, and will only have positive benefits.

So Facebook, it's not me, it is you and I just need a break. Some time apart.

I have 550 Facebook friends, but real friends? Could count them on one hand. That's probably normal, but it's still makes me feel like I've been punched in the chest sometimes. So, call this an experiment. Will my life be improved or not by ditching Facebook for a while? As it's now definitely unhip and cool kids either don't use it all, or pretend they don't while they just stalk people, this probably doesn't sound like a massive deal.

To me it feels huge.

Other resolutions for this year include apologising a lot less, accepting a lot more and living here, today, now.

Oh, and getting very very drunk a lot. Very.

I'll still be posting my blog by magical means - well with a little help from a friend - so that doesn't mean I've broken my Facebook fast, just in case you were wondering. In fact I literally won't be able to. I wonder how long it takes before I get the shakes?


  1. Brave to be doing this without a safety net...

  2. I meant (I think) that I saluted you for taking in one swoop a step which might have otherwise been treated as an addiction & been subjected to a weaning off...