Thursday, 3 January 2013

They can take my job, they can take my home...

... but they can never take my will to stand up and fight.

This is what I should have learned over the last few months: if you don't want to be fired or evicted then don't fight for your rights and don't stand up to bullying behaviour.

If your boss, for example, decides to badmouth you in front of colleagues, trip you up (metaphorically, pedants), backtrack on what has been promised and lie all the time then the best thing to do - the thing to do if you want to carry on working for this penis - is accept the shit doled out on a daily basis, apologise for your very existence, work so hard you can't sleep at night and live in fear. Oh, and also be sure to stroke his monstrous ego every hour on the hour, giggle inanely at his revolting attempts to be amusing and agree with every word that comes out of his fat cretinous mouth.

Let's take another example, just at random, you understand. All resemblance to real personages should be understood and then discarded as if it's not true.

If your new landlord turns out to be some dodgy criminal fuckwit, currently residing in Thailand, and decides that no, he doesn't want to fix your broken boiler then you should acquiesce and thank him for his illegal and shit behaviour just so you can carry on paying him extortionate amounts of rent to keep living in a flat that is basically broken on every level. Perhaps you should even thank him in a daily email and pay him double the rent that he's demanding because you're so lucky to be living in a flat that costs a bomb and yet had no working boiler, shower, cooker, sink or drainage system.

Or how about an estate agent who continuously lies to you? Should you stand up to them? Point out, when they send you an email saying the plumber has found no fault, that you were there WITH the god damn plumber as he explained EXACTLY what the fault is? Or fails to tell you when you hand over the money and get the keys that actually, the flat is on the market and that people will be tramping through it whenever they choose to see if they want to take your home away from you.

No you mustn't do that. Because if you do stand up to these people, you end up unceremoniously jobless and, all of a sudden, homeless.

Biting my tongue just doesn't come easily though. I think about all the people who came before and the poor fuckers who will come after me. I think about the hard work I've done, the hoops I've jumped through, the rent I've paid, the fact that I have never ever missed a deadline or withheld rent. And I start to see red. I don't think it's RIGHT or FAIR that people who are in a position of power can make other peoples' lives a misery. On a whim. Or just because they can. I will always fight the fuckers. Even if it means I lose my job and my home. Because fuck you to bullying bosses who try to break people and fuck you to landlords who are amoral and ruin peoples' home lives. Fuck you, fuck you, FUCK YOU.

2013 starts with a new job and, as soon as I can find one, a new place to live. And so be it. At least I didn't give in to cunts. The day I do that is the day I lay down and die. If a life is worth living, it's worth fighting for your rights. Every day if you have to. Even if you lose again and again and again.

When I leave this flat I'm going to write a little note for the new person with all the information I wasn't given, all the tips and tricks of the knackered appliances and a heads up on what to expect from Mr Cunty McCunterson and the crappy letting agent so they have a better chance than me at getting fair treatment. And I'm going to start actively campaigning to local council to wake up and take notice of the bad treatment private tenants are subjected to.

May 2013 continue to introduce me to awesome people and awesome opportunities.


  1. You're doing a good job. Seriously, bad things happen when good people do nothing. Carry on.

  2. Wow! Keep up the fight lady what goes around comes around so your next job should be a good un, your next flat will rock, your landlord will catch many diseases in Thailand and the Estate Agency will go bust!