Saturday, 9 February 2013

I want some fish

I am so tired. So weary. So triumphant. But I want some fish.

I really really want to eat some fish. A big seabass on a bed of oriental veg maybe. Or a cod in the lightest of batter. Monkfish on a skewer. I feel like I'm going to start hallucinating various piscine. This is the first time I've actually had a craving following the whole no meat/fish thing. It's a lot harder when you have a craving.

Luckily I'm way too lazy to even try and cook something like that, plus I've just discovered that the cooker in my new flat has a gas oven. I'm scared of gas ovens. I don't want to have to light anything with a match. Plus, what if my innate Plathness takes over one day? Before. with my electric ovens, I would have just looked like an idiot and maybe got some pizza in my hair. Now, it could actually be a thing.

So, I'm in my new place. And it feels HUGE. And WARM. And when you turn the hot tap on, HOT WATER comes out. Hallelujah. A towel rail already fell off the wall and I'm not at all sure about some of the appliances, but I have a bed, the TV set up (oh yeah, I can do stuff I can. Next I'll be putting up shelves and finding out what a rawl plug is. [I won't]) and I am in.

Which means the beginning of my, uh, seventh 'fresh start' in 10 months, counting all the house moves and job moves and move moves. Still, nothing like a FRESH START huh kids? If you're in any way comfortable with your lives I suggest moving somewhere random on a spurious reason. I guarantee you'll never be bored again. You'll also probably never be happy again, but which is the greater evil?

I do have high hopes now. I can actually say with actual truth and not just because everything I write on the internet is being policed in uncomfortable detail, that my job is lovely. The people are just so lovely. I still sometimes think Jeremy Beadle might jump out with his tiny hand and shout that it's all been a joke and make me go back to the Bad Place. But as he's dead, there's probably only a slight chance that could happen.

And the new house is rather marvellous. And I already made friends with Charlie who runs the Army & Navy store next door and Keeley who runs the most amazing vintage shop beneath me. And the river is just round the corner and, as long as I don't look to the left and catch sight of Wetherspoons, the view is of the Walls.

And basically I'm as full of enthusiasm as a very very very very tired person can be.

Happy Saturday everyone, I hope yours was as interesting as mine.

I still want to eat some fish.

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