Wednesday, 13 March 2013

I managed less than two weeks...

Back on the Book of Face for less than two weeks and, although thoroughly reacquainted with important things like Grumpy Cat, Lil Bub and various other cats, I ran into drama. Drama I can neither be bothered with nor want to pursue.

So I'm 'orf again like a dirty shirt. It bothers me a bit because I do like being a snarky beeatch about the current memes of the day, and making jokes that only really make me laugh and I do like to see what my friends are doing.

But am clearly not of sound mind enough to enjoy the general bonhomie and bullshit that passes for Facebook interaction.

The fakery and weirdness and the way people apparently are different on profiles to real life... it weirds me out, man. I know most people are just normal. But some, some aren't. Well, maybe they are and things just changed. I dunno.

I've spaffed on a lot about how friendships just change. Just like that. Without any kind of warning and sometimes with absolutely no input from you - I mean how does that even work?? You have some kind of relationship with someone and then, unbeknownst to you, it's apparently all different and you're supposed to understand why? How does that happen?

No one is perfect. I defy anyone to not have had a bad thought, done a bad thing, betrayed a friend even in an infinitesimal way - it's hard to be human and not do that at some point, in fact, it's impossible. But I do think that most things, like 99% of things, can be talked about between friends - actual, proper, adult friends.

Although maybe this is a thing where I just do that thing of romanticising all relationships. I always think that when you form a bond with someone then it's an almost tangible, unbreakable thing. And then, more often than not, it gets broken. And you can't even see what broke it. But it always feels uncomfortably like it might be your fault.

But then sometimes, when you look at it, after the dust has settled, you realise that the bond that you thought was there was no bond at all. It's painful and horrible and uncomfortable and strange. But if what you thought you had was never there in the first place, I guess it can't matter that much after all.

I'm clearly still not in the right head space for Facebook so, until I am, it's one month at a time cold turkey again. I have some rather amazing faces of people I want to spend time looking at in real life that don't make me feel all icky and weird. So I think I will do that for a bit. I do really like 99% of my Facebook chums though and the funnies.

And the lure of Chubbs the Wampug is always calling to me...

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