Sunday, 10 March 2013

This isn't the blog you are looking for...

During my time away from Facebook I didn't get to read the comments people wrote about my blog. 'Pon my return I had a little look.

Mostly the usual, some people like, some people don't, that's all fine and dandy.

And then I saw someone who said: "Very ranty. I got her point within three paragraphs." And then on the same blog from same lady: "I don't think I've ever seen a cheerful post from this girl!!!"

The blog these referred to? The one about Pistorious brutally murdering his girlfriend, with the addition of some horrendous every day sexism from Daybreak's Twitter feed (for those who missed it, they saw fit to post a tweet in among all their others about Justin Bieber and Loose Women along the lines of: should women who are drunk and flirty be blamed for being raped?).

Now, I dunno... I mean I could be mistaken but if I had written a post about Pistorious/disgusting and dangerous sexism in a CHIRPY and UPBEAT manner, perhaps with some <3's in it and lots of exclamation marks, perhaps cheery lady would have LIKED my blog. And it is, of course, about pleasing everyone. Particularly people who believe in fairies and rainbows and sprites and the goodness in the world!!!!!

I did think that calling my blog 'Hell is other people' on a domain name 'tu fui, ego eris' might just give a clue as to the kind of blog it is. I even included a small bio/description about how I'm a snarky lady who loves to rant. But perhaps Judgy Mcjudgerson MISSED this in her need to criticise me through snarking at my blog for not being 'cheerful'. Anyway, I write loads of cheerful posts, there's one about a graveyard that's a fucking joyfest.

It's weird. I don't actually mind criticism about the points I make, or how I argue something, or even about my writing style. I do mind someone pointing out the fucking obvious in a tone of patronising tweeness. There is a whole interweb out there dedicated to cupcakes, fairies and rainbows. Choose your reading material more carefully and, I dunno, try creating something of your own before you're too quick to jump on someone for not being how you think they should be.

Although I am in the middle of composing a properly chirpy one about Princess Di and how very annoying she was. You'll love that, CHEERFUL LADY.


  1. Greatly looking forward to Lady Di blog...

  2. Phew. I'm glad you've explained the domain name - that way, I didn't have to look like a simpleton when I asked. :) Never thought of Latin.