Sunday, 14 April 2013

Thatcher... coming atcha

If I hear the phrase: "Thatcher the milk snatcher" or "Ding dong the witch is dead" one more fecking time I'm going to punch someone in the face. It'll just be the nearest person. Hopefully I'll be dead on and get one of the oh so clever fucktards who are banging on and on and on via social media, because y'know, we've all got a VOICE now.

Well, you know what? Just because everyone has a voice, doesn't mean they should always use it. There has been much debate about whether people who didn't live through Thatcher or, indeed, seem to have barely heard of her until this last week, should be 'allowed' to have an opinion on it. Most people seem in favour of them loudly voicing said opinion.

And me? Well. I get annoyed when people spaff on about stuff they clearly don't understand. I just do. And yes, of course, everyone HAS an opinion, even if said opinion is based on nothing more than copying other people, or saying what they think they should say. But, here's my tip: if you don't understand what you're on about, just don't bang on about it.

See, it's taken me a while to write my inevitable Thatcher blog because it took me a while to figure out what was making me so skin crawlingly irritated about it. And I think I narrowed it down to what bothers me the most: the mob mentality. That's what makes me uncomfortable.

And it's not because I'm a Tory. In fact, I have actually never voted Conservative, even when they were very much 'in' (that did actually happen y'know. In fact, that's how Thatcher managed to remain in power for so long, because people kept voting for her. She didn't do it all by herself. Millions and millions of people voted for her. The comparisons to Hitler and Bin Laden are fucking ridiculous and people need to get a grip. Clamping down on the unions - whether you support it or not, privatising services - whether you agree or not, the Falklands conflict - whether you were in favour or not - shouldn't be in the same opinion pieces as the words 'Holocaust' and 'genocide'. It's a cheap, easy shot.

Because whether you like or NOT, and I GET that most people don't, Thatcher and the Conservatives were there for a bloody long time. Before that Labour were there for a bloody long time. And after that Labour were in again for an interminable amount of time, during which, can I just add, they carried on most of the Tory policies. And then I voted Lib Dem and something weird happened and then Cameron. Anyway, my point is, world leaders are devious, scumsucking, greedy, avaricious, selfish, cruel, manipulative and most likely psychotic. That's how they got there.

She was no different to those that came before or came after and will always be there, time after time, ad infinitum. Guess what? You're NEVER going to agree with what the last government did, and you're probably not liking what this one is doing. That's how it is.

As you can probably tell, politics is not my forte. I was born before Thatcher came into power, and from what my parents told me, the 70s were no picnic either. She and her government informed my formative years. She was always on the telly. So was Gerry Adams with his voice dubbed over. And Reagan, talking about Star Wars a lot. It was a confusing time to be a kid.

I was 14 when they pushed her out and then Major came in and then I discovered drugs and booze so I don't really remember much else for while. ANYway, I think my point is that if you have an opinion that is based on experience, knowledge, research, interest then voice it. Educate yourself and voice it. One day I too will educate myself and voice my definitive political opinions. Mostly it seems to me to be so subjective, so personal, so emotive and so confusing that I just don't KNOW. I want people to be nice. And I want to retain the welfare system. But I don't want knobheads abusing it. Does that make me a fascist? I mean, really?

I'm glad so many people are glad she's dead, but express it intelligently, don't just get shitfaced and dance in the streets like a despot has just been toppled by your revolution. Because that's actually NOT what has just happened. Express it like a human being. She may not have had any compassion. She may have been evil incarnate, but does that mean a mass howl of delight goes up at her death? Her political career ended in 1990, and yes, her legacy lives on, as does every other PM's. She damaged this country, undoubtedly. So did Blair. So is Cameron. I can't remember Major. He was so boring.

The Twitter reaction just bummed me out. It was infantile. Juvenile. And bandwaggony in the extreme. It's kind of like the Princess Di outpouring but in reverse. Everyone was howling then in 'grief' and 'despair' for a woman they'd never met, now everyone is howling in delight. It's weird. And it makes me feel outside of the popular consensus. Again.

And people, no, this doesn't mean I'm a Tory. It doesn't mean I don't get why people are glad. It means I don't get why people who clearly have no clue at all about who she was, her policies, her effect on the country, her effect on them and most likely don't EVEN VOTE to change what they can change NOW are whipping up a frenzy.

It boggles my mind. As does the decision to spaff a gazillion pounds on her bloody funeral. I'm not sure what it would take for our current government to get a clue.

Oh god, see? SEE? Now my brain hurts and I'm all confused and I've been reading people's thoughts about this all week - people I respect and admire and I don't like the fact that I don't agree with them all the time, and I don't like the fact that I feel like I have to defend my non-celebratory mood.

Let's see Tory greed die in this government, THEN we should dance in the streets.


  1. Why do you keep posting that you're sorry?

  2. I only posted the once... It was a response to your rather more measured reflection on the issue: I had rather got caught up in my anger at how her time in office had altered (in my opinion) the country's mindset for the worse that I endorsed some pretty crude anti-MT posts which I should not really have done as I am quite capable of subtler responses like yours...

  3. Nah, definitely twice cos I deleted it the first time - only because I thought it was some kind of typo - I couldn't work out what you would be saying sorry for.

  4. How odd: my fault for being too elliptic: I'm afraid your blogs to tend to get me thinking: I think & reflect & probably in that case just wrote down my immediate response. Your posts are very thought provoking. I think what I must have done was post my over-succinct comment, then you deleted it, then when I next scanned through your blog, saw no comments, thought to myself "I thought I had posted: I must have formed the intention without carrying out the deed" and re-posted. I don't have total faith in my own memory at that level so that might have been the case.