Thursday, 16 May 2013

But I like these words

I have written two posts about words I hate. And, disturbingly perhaps, I have another one ready to go. But in the midst of all this hate, sometimes it's good to smell the roses, take a moment, chillax (that's another one - HATE that word) and talk about words we like.

So that's what I'm doing. I have compiled a list. And it is thus.

Succulent. That's it. Take a moment and roll that baby around your tongue. Suck-you-lent. It feels succulent. It sounds succulent. It makes me think of sinking my teeth into something delightful. It makes me think of gorgeously opulent tastes and textures. It is a word that pleases me. Enormously.

Schadenfreude. Glorious. I find German to be a gloriously onomatopoeiac language. I used to love speaking it at school. I still love speaking it now. Sadly I only remember about three phrases. One of which is "Wie komme ich am besten zum Bahnhoff bitte?" It's a fabulously satisfying language to speak and to listen to. And, of course, they have the word schadenfreude. Just in case you're truly stupid and you don't know what it means, it means this: "Enjoyment in the misfortunes of others." As we're English people and emotional honesty is difficult for us to find behind our stiff upper lips, we obviously don't have a word for this in our own language and have been forced to use the German. Which is completely fine with me.

Crunch. Crunnnnnnnch. Crunch. CRUnch. So good to say. See also, munch, scrunch and, to a lesser extent, brunch.

Bender. Because it just makes me laugh. Quite a lot. You bender.

Abhorrent. I like this word because it sums up how I feel many things, stuff and people are in this world. Completely and utterly abhorrent in fact. It conveys equal measures disgust and contempt, which are two of my favourite emotions. All in all, it's extremely pleasing.

Fap. See also spaff. I didn't want to fill this list with amusing words for spunk and wanking but they are just such enjoyable, usable words. Fap is an excellent descriptive word to use in place of the more usual toss or wank. And I find myself using spaff on many and varied occasions, most memorably in the office recently. It just works for me.

Spasibo. This is Russian for thank you. I bloody love Russian. I studied it as an extra subject at degree level. Sadly, I was so ensconced in my new found love for Es and whizz (yes, it was the early 90s, why d'you ask?) I only made it to about two classes. But I really like them. It's a language I would dearly love to be able to speak. Not dearly enough to actually apply myself to the totally achievable with hard work goal of actually learning it. But dearly enough to occasionally lament the fact that I can only remember two words. And I'm not at all sure about the pronunciation of either of those.

Turd. Because it's the word turd. And it's funny.

Chichen Itza - a large Mayan city in Mexico, it's just an unutterably pleasing sound when it's spoken. It's also home to loads of temples where heads used to literally roll. So I like it from that point of view as well. Because severed heads are cool.

And then we move onto all the obvious: fuck-knuckle, shitballs, shitwit, fucktard, knobhead etc etc, which don't need an explanation.

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