Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Art is not what you see, but what you make others see

I have a friend, Annabel Rainbow, who is a phenomenally talented artist. She does quilting and painting and is more prolific than anyone I have ever met, turning out pieces of work that are in turn powerful, beautiful and thought provoking.

For her latest piece - Life 9: Not Fighting Back-  she asked me to write some words about depression. She needed a rant about how it can feel when trapped in the depths of it. You can read what I came up with on Annabel's blog here:

It is how I have felt while in a bad patch. It is not how I feel every day, all the time. It is not about whether it's right or wrong to feel these things, it's just a gut reaction to how I feel when I am struggling with depression.

It will be stitched onto the body of the fighting woman in the piece and I am really proud to have been asked by Annabel and have my words on one of her pieces. Check out her stuff, it's amazing.

Oh and the quote titling this is from Degas. Wise man, he was.

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  1. Thanks for your perceptive words about depression..they're empowering as I face similar struggles.