Monday, 30 September 2013

Clocking off for OKC September 2013

It's the last day of September and I couldn't let that milestone go by without one more OK Cupid post.

This one is beautiful.

It features a man who says he is 44. I think, judging by his picture, we're looking at more like 64. But you know, whatevs.

He messaged me and I told him to piss off. He messaged again so I told him to piss off again. It was one of them.

And then 24 hours later, he'd obviously gone away to think about his pick up technique. He thought he'd try a different tack.

I know. I haven't even scribbled over his face. That's how much I wanted to share him with you.

You can feast upon his face and think about him shoving his clock right in your Mouth.

He has 12 inches off his clock. Amazing. He also didn't appreciate my 'ticking over' joke.

In fact he seemed to like it a bit too much. He appeared to think I was reciprocating.

So I thought I best be very, very, very clear.

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  1. This thing - I refuse to call him a man - manages to be offensive, simultaneously, in every possible way. As a regular reader of this blog, I know, and am glad that, you're more than capable of dealing with pathetic specimens such as this. However, I'd imagine that some women would find his comments upsetting at best, and threatening at worst: if you haven't already, please consider reporting him.