Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Look what happened to Paul Bettany next...

Do you remember Paul Bettany?

He messaged me on a dating site.

He declined to answer my probing questions about why he's on OK Cupid and what happened to Jennifer Connelly.

And then I noticed he was back. With a different picture.

Ooooh look. He's now Johnny Harrington.

Johnny Harrington is a model. Now I didn't recognise him but I could tell from a hundred paces that this was another stealthy attempt at subterfuge.

I asked him about his modelling career.

He didn't answer me. But the next day, this happened.

He's morphed into Josh Homme!

It's truly amazing. He's a real Renaissance man. Is he a famous actor? A ginger model? A musician? Maybe this is his attempt at showing all of the different sides of his personality. I mean, who's going to notice?

Next day he was back.

I don't know. But I'm pretty sure it's not him.

He does say MESSAGE ME N ASK ME ANYTHING xxx but everytime I did he got really angry.

It also says: The first thing people notice about me is 'I'm sensitive'.

NO. The FIRST thing people notice is you don't resemble Paul Bettany, ginger model guy, Josh Homme or black and white model guy. The SECOND thing people notice is how fast they're running away from you.

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