Friday, 13 September 2013

Terribly famous actor Paul Bettany

Imagine my surprise when I looked into my OK Cupid inbox of delight and saw a message from this guy.

Look a bit closer at the picture.

It's PAUL BETTANY. The terribly famous actor Paul Bettany. Who is married to the terribly famous actress Jennifer Connelly.

And he's messaged me on OK Cupid.

I couldn't believe that he's also 'sensitive', 'tall', 'well built' and 'has a passion for life and love'.

Our interchange was brief but oh so meaningful.

That was it, sadly. Perhaps, being a terribly famous actor he had to go and read some scripts or something. Or maybe Jennifer was coming so he had to close down his laptop quickly. 

I bet that was it. 

1 comment:

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