Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Having a moment here

Around 4pm on a late October afternoon, just a few days before the clocks change, is the optimum time to walk by the Ouse it turns out.

It was muddy because of earlier wet rain and that, hence far fewer people messing up the beauty.

The river was high, which meant fewer fishermen cluttering up the view.

It was golden hued, with the sun low in the sky, throwing endless tree silhouettes against a sky that was still a perfect blue.

There were piles of unclaimed conkers underfoot; leaves of red, orange, yellow, green, brown, white fluffy clouds and a mix of warmth and wind.

I cannot believe I live five minutes away from somewhere that fills me with such joy. I had a near celestial experience sucking up the sheer beauty with my eyeholes.

Two magpies joined me, which I liked. I am susceptible to superstition and I feel content when I see two and slightly panic stricken when I see just one. I always have the nagging suspicion that all my life's petty failings are definitely the fault of the magpies.

I just really really love Autumn. It makes my brain melt.

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