Sunday, 6 October 2013

Life affirming stuff

I woke up to a message from someone I have never met saying that my blog (and by extension I assume, me) is hateful, biased and judgemental and why can't I write something positive, sugary and self affirming that they would want to read?

This happens every now and again.

There are so may ways this blog post could go.

I could point out that there is an entire internet full of self affirming, sugary shite should they want to read it. I could also point out that as this is my blog, written by me, that it is only going to have my opinions in it. So, yes, it is biased. In that it's my blog. If you want to read something else that isn't biased towards my opinions then I'd suggest that my blog probably is only going to fill you with disappointment. Go and type 'unicorns' into Google or something. Or read a Mills & Boon. Watch a Richard Curtis film. Don't, whatever you do, go to a blog that is CALLED 'Hell is other people' on a domain name that translates as 'What you are, I was; What I am, you will be'.

I mean, what the fuck were they expecting? Tales of reiki and spiritual healing? Stories of My Little Pony and sparkly things? Self help? Romantic short stories?

I even put a description of the blog saying I'm snarky and this started mainly as a rant blog. I actually couldn't be clearer. So what does it take for a reader to write to someone and demand they write differently?

It got me thinking about whether there was a scenario where I would do that.

Say, I came across a blog that was about fairies. Would I read it religiously for a while and then message the blog owner and suggest they write something more ranty and gothic? Maybe had a bash at writing about grief or real human emotion and the way that people just hurt other people every single day because that's part of what it means to be human? Or - and this is more likely I think - would I just think: "Oh, there's a blog about fairies. I don't like reading about fairies so I'll just not read it anymore. But isn't that nice that someone is creating something they like and putting it out there anyway?"

See, obviously I understand that my blog isn't for everyone and I am more than totally happy for people to read it, dislike it and never read it again. And I also understand that writing something like this regularly invites comments and debate. And again, that's fine. If someone wants to take issue with something I write because they disagree or whatever, then that's what the comments section is for.

But actually, particularly when one's confidence is shot to shit due to a shitty week with shitty stuff happening in it, it's pretty difficult to wake up to messages from people who don't know you demanding you write something more to their tastes, while calling you pretty strong words like hateful  and judgemental.

I mean I know I am judgemental of all those guys who message me on OKC. That's true. Because they fucking disgust me. And I know I rant. I know that my blog posts aren't an easy read. But the second I start self censoring in case a stranger gets all icked out at the unrelenting barrage of my opinions, is the second that it becomes a dishonest, pointless endeavour.

If you have read to the end and you have decided that I am just just too gosh darn un-pixie like then I have taken the liberty of googling some blog alternatives that you might want to transfer your attention to:

This is a 'haven for pixies and fairies'

This is about decorating cookies

This is about the spiritual journey we all take

By the way, I am not snarking at any of these blogs. If you are into fairies, reiki and sugar then fair fucks to you. I am just demonstrating that a five second Google search may be your best bet rather than bothering to message me to write something you want to read about.

Or better still, write your own fucking blog.

My blog is mine. And it always will be.

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  1. I was going to simply say "you don't have to justify yourself to anyone" - and you don't - but, by doing so, you've written one of your best posts. Yes, you are judgemental and opinionated, but so am I, and it's a good thing to be. And you're always fair - the "victims" of your wrath invariably deserve it. People who love your blog wouldn't have it (or you) any other way - keep up the good work.