Thursday, 31 October 2013

SKY, believe in better... ways to rob you blind

I used to have O2 mobile and broadband. A mere week or so after I'd signed up with them, coerced by their 'good deal' for 'loyal customers', they announced they sold to SKY. 


I ditched O2 mobile for Vodafone, chosen on a whim. Pretty much stick a pin in the few companies we have to choose from and hope that they don't metaphorically do you up the arse for the duration of your 90 billion year fixed term contract, right? I tried to do that whole proper comparison thing and I listened to friends who swear by buying the phone outright and then using a pay as you go SIM, and although all of that would undoubtedly have been cheaper in the long run, the usual thing happened. My brain reaches critical mass and I just go: "Aaaargh fuck it." and sign up with whatever random crappy contract catches my eye first. 


Because I ditched them, even though I'd been a customer for 10 years, O2 decided to then triple my broadband bill.

£60 a month for shit broadband? Nah mate. 

Phone SKY they said. 

So I did. 

They put me on £10 broadband. Fine, right, whatever, sez I. 

I get the bill. It's itemised. And do you know what? I pay £2.50 a month for NOT having SKY TV. 

Let's just run through that again. I don't want SKY TV so when the man asked me if I wanted it, I said no. He didn't say that as a penalty/punishment/forfeit I would then be committed to giving SKY, which I think is a fairly massive bastard conglomerate who doesn't, strictly speaking, need to rob its lowly customers like this, I will be paying them £2.50 a month. For nothing. 

Literally, for nothing. On the bill it says: £2.50 surcharge for not having SKY TV. 

Cheeky cunts ain't they?

I complained, naturally. I suspect many people reading this will think I'm being a petty old bitch again. Moaning about something so unimportant. But this, right here, is EXACTLY the kind of thing that passive resistance is allowing to happen. Huge great bastard companies are stealing from people. People they assume won't be arsed enough to make a noise for the sake of £2.50 a month. That's not even enough to buy a pint, so why do I care?

Because it equates to £30 a year and if someone is going to benefit from an amount of money I'm not going to miss, it sure as shit isn't going to be SKY. It will be a charity of my choice. What with it being my money and all. 

And guess what? SKY listened to my point and agreed that they are completely in the wrong by nicking money from their customers in such a sneaky, pathetic fashion. ONLY JOKING. They told me to fuck off. They told me it's too late and that I agreed on the phone to the £10 charge. Which I did. If they had told me that a quarter of this £10 monthly charge was going to them for the privilege of not having SKY TV I would have told them to stick it up their fat arse. 

But I wasn't given that choice. 

I've written a strongly worded letter of complaint that I have no doubt will be immediately placed in SKY's special filing cabinet for customer complaints. After they've all had a good laugh about how they work for a company that is so shit at everything that they have to resort to stealing money from customers. 

So, what's my point? It's shit being a consumer in 2013 is my point. And we sit, glazed eyed, allowing this kind of toss to happen because it's just the fucking way it is. Fuck you SKY. 

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  1. And that, Ladies and Gentlemen, is how to rant - all the more effective because it's so beautifully written. Fantastic!