Sunday, 13 October 2013

This is not a sexual thing

I feel I should explain that for every message I post on here, taking the piss, reviling them or just with actual incredulity, I get many, many more that I just ignore. 

I don't reply to all of them. I don't bite at their bullshit. I just press delete and pretend it never sullied my eyeballs. 

And then I'll get one that just right royally fucks me off. Or I'll be having a bad day, or it's just one too many. Whatever. Sometimes I just can't deal with the influx of fuckwits. 

And I'll say something. 

Like this one. 

I get a lot of these mansplaining replies, where a kindly gent will take it upon himself to tell me that there isn't anything wrong with me and that I should, as this winner states, 'look on the bright side'.

It may help, to put it in context actually, to include my own profile to show what they feel they need to make me feel better about. 

Hang on. 

Here it is.

He starts with 'Love your honesty'. 

He ends with 'look on the bright side' because what I really need is some moron who I don't know and doesn't know me sending me unsolicited advice about how to improve my sad, lonely life. 

So, I get a bit sarcy. You know, how I do. 

I don't tell him to fuck off or that he is a repugnant twat or anything like that. 

And then. 

In retrospect, my response was presumably just what he wanted.

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