Sunday, 3 November 2013

Things I will miss about York: Part One

... volunteering every now and again at a place that allows me to sit on the floor and be covered in dogs. 

The Waggy Dog Creche is one of those places that they seem to have all over America but not so much over here - somewhere for dogs to go and hang out while their owners are otherwise engaged. 

Whenever I have time I go over there and hang out with dogs. Little ones, boisterous ones and some really, really shy ones. I come away covered in drool, hair and other unmentionables and always, always a lot happier. 

This is Harry. He is half Pug, half Jack Russell and is a grumpy little ball of dog.

This is Brad. Brad is a mix, possibly with a Rhodesian Ridgeback and had some kind of obvious trauma before he was adopted by his current owners. He is so shy and spends most of his time hanging out by himself. He edges closer to the group before getting spooked and legging it. He came and gave me a kiss twice all by himself and he made me melt. 

This is Hugo. He is six months old and dressed like a bee. 

This is Ted, a 13 week puppy with a very small bladder and a very high amount of energy. He's looking calm and celestial here but most of the time he's legging it around getting increasingly hysterical. Adorable. 

This is Rio. He is a Portuguese Water Dog and is perfect. I fell in love with him. He's chubby, clingy, insecure and utterly adorable. He was very patient when I dressed him as Rudolph. 

This is Tango. He has had a terrible life up till very recently. He was rescued from a hell hole in Cyprus and was a virtual skeleton not very many weeks ago. He's filling out nicely and loves to play. And I mean play. All day. 

Here's one of Tango smiling because it's heartwarming to see him so happy. 

This is Winston. He's judging you. 

This is Scout. She fell asleep. 

This big lunk is Rufus. He bowls his way through the crowd and has the best time ever. ALL THE TIME. 

Just some of the dogs I will miss when I leave York. 

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