Friday, 27 December 2013

Like I never existed...

You know that bit in the Bible when Jesus was cast out of somewhere? Actually, I'm not au fait with the details, but I know he was cast out of somewhere or other and had to go and commune with the bush in the desert or something like that.

Anyway, my point is, I know exactly how he feels.

Being excluded from something and unceremoniously cast out with nary a word is pretty tough to take. And so I found it today when I went to check my OKC profile.

It's just something I do at this point. Every time I open up my laptop, usually to do some kind of work, I check Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and OKC. It's just what happens. Then I have to flick between all four a few million times, make two cups of coffee, have a tidy up, maybe a walk and eventually I'll do some work. It's how all great writers write I hear.

If Oscar Wilde and the like had access to the internet there is no way on earth they would have been churning out their amazing works, you know. They'd have been too busy looking at pictures of cats and dogs in Christmas outfits.

Well today I couldn't log in. It actually wouldn't recognise my user name or email address. I have been expunged from OKC history. Like I was never there.

There is a reporting system and, yesterday, a man who kept on and on at me to reply (apparently I owed it to him because it was Christmas Day - I wasn't sure the birth of Jesus had any bearing on it but what do I know), so I did reply and told him I wasn't interested. Well, he didn't like my reply and threatened to report me. Go ahead sez I. Looks like he did.

They don't even send you an email saying: "We have deleted you because Carl in Birmingham was all hurt and upset because you didn't like his face." They don't even tell you you're deleted. You just can't log in.

It's like if you went to work and no one recognised you. And no trace of you existed. Like in a Liam Neeson film.

It's kind of thrown a spanner in my snark works but I just don't know if I can be fagged to write another one.

Kind of weird how it's OK for guys to send you pictures of their penis but if you tell an insistent one to bog off then you're persona non grata.

It's the end of a beautiful era.

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