Tuesday, 31 December 2013

That was the year that was

I've seen loads of people posting their fabulous 2013 round up along with their amazingly ambitious resolutions for next year.

Usually I'd probably do the same thing. It is important to extrapolate the positives from whichever merry dance 2013 took you on. It is important to rationalise any badness and turn it into goodness, even if it's just words on the screen. Especially, perhaps, if it's words on a screen.

I battle frequently with the almost irresistible urge to whitewash my status updates, blogs and opinions because I don't want to be seen as whatever it is I'm worried that people see me as today. It seems endlessly important to be seen as positive or philosophical or just so lucky and happy.

It definitely isn't done to show the exhaustion of depression or the weariness of yet more bloody illness or the general malaise of a life unfulfilled.

With this in mind I would quantify 2013 as a year of ups and downs, of interesting and eye opening revelations concerning what were once close friendships and the start of some exceptional ones.  It's been a year I have uncharacteristically survived without getting fired and a year in which I have only had the one operation.

It's been a year where I moved house twice and have now apparently marooned myself on the island where the sun never shines and the rain never, ever stops.

I do, of course, have resolutions. Same as everyone else. I am going to write the book, get fit, have a think about stopping smoking and make myself meditate far more regularly. All of these normal, sensible choices to improve my health have sunk into my consciousness over many years and now, facing my 38th year and I can't just ignore it all any more.

Time to just woman up. Not tonight though. Tonight is for a bit of prosecco and a couple of cigarettes and a lot of not thinking at all.

For anyone who reads this, I wish you and all of us, a 2014 full of alright stuff, a couple of realistic achievements, maybe an excellent hair cut for example. Go forth, be nice and above all be well. Happy New Year.

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  1. Your last paragraph was perfection, down to the excellent haircut, one of my wishes for myself for 2014. Thank you for putting it in words. Happy New Year!