Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Charles VI was made of glass

Now I've marooned myself on the wettest little Island on the planet I find myself on a boat rather more often than I normally would. Not much call for them in York in the end.

The only other time I have seen people hopping across stretches of water in what are essentially buses is in Venice.

It's rather different going from Portsmouth to Ryde.

One can't really compare the Grand Canal to the Solent. Well one could but one would be sadly disappointed.

What can I do with this 20 minutes that will take my mind off the choppy waters and my always present fear of dying a horrible death?

Well, this. For one thing.

Thank fuck for technology.

Charles VI of France thought he was made of glass.

He went around terrified that he would shatter into a million shards. He had metal rods inserted into his clothes as a kind of preventative measure to protect his glass bones.

I know how he feels.

He was also called Charles the Mad. Bit rude.

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