Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Get a JOB

I just think they've got too much time on their hands, that's all. I mean, how busy can one be if one finds time to consistently keep active tabs on ex employees?

Say for argument's sake that in theory a girl is offered a job. It's far  away from where she lived but she thought she'd take a punt and give it a go. She makes a huge mistake. Huge.

Mistakes basically don't come greater than this. This is a bigger mistake than when she lost her virginity to that douche canoe or decided she was in 'love' with that knobhead from back then. You know the one. This, you see, was a mistake of epic proportions.

We'll spare you the ins and outs of what exactly went down as it really doesn't paint the old ex employers in a very good light. At all.

But say this girl tried her best to get on with it in the face of insurmountable and increasingly nasty odds and, one day, was taken into a room where one of the bosses told her she was doing much better and that all was well.

And then a week later the other half of the Odd Couple dragged her into a room and sacked her for 'not fitting in', refused point blank to give her any evidence of anything and turfed her out.

This is all a while back now and say the girl got on with her life, shook off the claggy sticky filth of the poisonous atmosphere of the place and made lots of new friends and got a different job.

For the most part, apart from the occasional flashbacks and the odd nightmare where she's back there (always going on to wake up and practically holler with delight that she never has to see their faces again) it's beginning to be packed away as a thing that happened in her ever expanding box of bad  decisions.

Having already immediately blocked as many pertinent Twitter accounts as possible and blocked them on Facebook, it seemed the coast was finally clear.

And then the girl notices something.

Every now and again one of them looks at her linked in profile. They are either thick as fuck and don't realise that she can see their pathetic stalking activities or want her to see that she's still very much on their mind.

Suitably creeped out she ignores it. And then it happens again. Every time she's pretty much forgotten about the whole pathetic mess up they pop, like a big, sweaty ginger Jack in the Box. Always watching. For what? Don't they have better things to do? I mean, what do they WANT?

Then today the girl gets a Twitter notification. Oh look. He's now using a personal account to follow her Twitter. If he hadn't actively followed then he could have stalked away and she would be none the wiser. But as he did she could SEE him and block him.

This Twitter stalking comes one year and four months after the girl was fired. 16 months. When will the greasy fucker piss off? What could he want?

I mean is it new clients they're after? I wonder if someone should introduce him to Candy Crush or plants v zombies as he clearly has a lot of time on his hands.

He's now been stalking this theoretical girl for twice as long as she  worked for him. I mean, isn't that a little weird? A little creepy? A little... off?

Get a fucking job.

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