Monday, 13 January 2014

I'll piss in his fireplace any time

You know the thing I love most about Sherlock? The gleeful way Gattis refuses to conform to tired tropes.

Somehow he manages to combine ludicrous plots, so respectfully derived from the originals, with balanced and always surprising twists.

It's exciting. It makes me all happy and sad and delighted and surprised and like my brain has had a cleansing shower cleaning off the sticky gloop from whatever bollocks I just sat through before Sherlock came on.

I don't know whether it's the writing, the perfection of the casting or the acting itself but every time Sherlock does something weird I believe him. So I'm delightfully shocked every time it twists and bends.

I'm sitting there grinning like a loon through most of it and then on the edge of my seat and then shocked and then sad and then genuinely worried this will be the last time Sherlock and Watson see each other and then happy that it isn't and ohhhhh it's just fucking marvellous.

I'm one of those fuckers who always tries to work out the twists and plots. I feel a comforting satisfaction in being unsurprised by supposedly clever writing.

But Sherlock blindsides me. Every time. And then I'm properly in it. The dialogue and the visceral emotional connection between Sherlock and Watson actually makes me feel things.

But more than all of this, I have just thoroughly loved every second of these last three episodes.

I've seen some snark about it being too heavy handed, too unbelievable, too modern and even too long. And I think that's unmitigated bollocks.

Gatiss should write everything in the world ever from now on.


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