Monday, 10 February 2014

Animals or people?

As someone who is fond of sharing a cause or two on social media, because, let's face it, what else is it good for? Seeing pictures of your fucking dinner or your twelve thousandth selfie. By the way, when they ALL have the exact same facial expression you could save your time, energy and the hassle by just leaving the one up there all the time. No one gives a shit anyway.

Anyway, as someone who has a predilection for animal causes, I get some grief. And I see that other animal rights campaigners, or whingers, or just people who get sad at the thought of animal torture do too.

Today, for example, a few people have shared the story of that poor giraffe who was slaughtered by a psycho at Copenhagen zoo. He was called Marius and now he is dead. Because he was surplus to requirements. But, in reality, because the guy in charge is a psychopath who clearly gets his kicks by becoming famous for killing animals. Just because he can.

On a completely different note, I have also seen many people share the story of the 'first Briton' to die through the neknomination 'craze'. This lad decided he wanted to outdo everyone else. You know, all those people who couldn't give a flying fuck so he downed a cocktail of floor polish and buzzard spit or something. And people have been sharing this and saying that it's all very sad.

So there you go. Two completely topics du jour.

But it's only on the animal ones where I see commenters saying things like: "Oh god, kids are dying all over the place and no one gives a shit but a giraffe dies and Facebook just stops."

No one comments on the dead kid and says: "Fucking hell, spare me stories of abject ignorance and stupidity in favour of supporting animals who are being killed by people for no reason at all." And, by the way, they have NO CHOICE. This kid had a choice of what to put in his face. He CHOSE to die. He basically committed a really embarrassing suicide. What a waste of a private education.

Anyway, as usual, I digress. My point is, being an animal lover and sharing petitions or news stories or pointing out that, you know, it would be quite nice if people would stop torturing animals to death, doesn't mean that the defender thinks that all small children should die in a fire or that the Nazis were right.

It's not an either/or situation. You can care about dead giraffes AND dead children. You can pontificate on politics AND sign a petition to stop the slaughter of dogs in Romania. Where did this idea come from that if you're an 'animal lover' you give no shit for humanity? Why do you have to choose?

I'd quite like there to be no starving children, no war and no animal abuse personally. Oh and no people stupid enough to end their precious life - their only, precious life - by downing vodka while stripping off in a supermarket.

So just don't assume, because I clearly really like cats, dogs and furry things that I don't give a shit about people. Apart from you. I don't give a shit about you. The one who bothered to comment on the picture of a dead giraffe only to denigrate its plight. Maybe one day the zookeeper will come for you too. We can only hope.

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