Monday, 24 February 2014

Bridesmaids vs SATC

Two chick flicks on Channel 4. Back to back. Bridesmaids and Sex and the City.

I've seen both before. And tonight I watched one with glee and turned the other straight off.

See, here's the thing. I hate Carrie Bradshaw. She's a shallow, narcissistic victim. She chases an abuser for TEN YEARS before practically forcing him to marry her, which he'll only do, by the way, if the wedding is the polar opposite of what she's spent the last million years dreaming of. She rationalises his shitty behaviour and deserves everything she gets. She's a fucking moron.

The message of that show is just abhorrent. After all the preaching in the early series about being single, all of their lives completely revolve around men. All the time. And their stories all end with the 'happy' ending. Hitched and babied up to the max. Even if you have to be completely humiliated by a man who has treated you like a used tissue for years, it's worth it if you can manipulate him into marrying you in the end. That's the dream, right, ladies?

Fuck that shit. If you're lucky enough to meet someone ace and have a genuine relationship, that's one thing. If you're obsessed with a guy who's shown you over and over again that you're worth nothing, then marrying him is not the prize. I know whereof I speak.

For all her bullshit about self respect and feminism, Carrie Bradshaw is a vapid moron. And her clothes look wank.

Kristen Wigg's character in Bridesmaids is totally realistic. The whole film is realistic when it comes to dealing with friendships, relationships and how messy everything gets. Loads of truths are hidden behind the gags and Wigg delivers a character that's completely human in her fuck ups, suffering and self pity.

She's in a relationship similar to Carrie Bradshaw's with Mr Big. Who fucking refers to the man they're with by a nickname? How weird is that. He's a fuck buddy who won't let her sleep the night. They have amazing sex but he's a total dillhole. But he's hot. He doesn't listen to her, belittles her and treats her like shit but she keeps going back. We've all done it. OK, maybe we haven't all done it. But I've done it. And it really fucks with your self esteem, judgement and self worth.

It still has a bit of a fairy tale ending because it's a film but she ends up with the nice and pleasant looking one instead of the hot but twattish one. Maybe there's hope for me yet. I mean, if I based my life on films. Which I definitely do not.

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