Friday, 7 March 2014

Live, laugh, love...

Don't ever say 'live, laugh, love' to me.  For I will projectile vomit in your face.  I will vomit until the vomit drowns out the facile bullshit that just came from your mouth.  I know you wouldn't, by the way. You have way more style than that.  But the universal you.  Not so sure about them. 

I cant fully articulate why this should be so. After all, we are all alive aren't we? And who doesn't like to laugh? And everyone loves everything and everyone these days. Only today I was expounding on how much I love the flapjack I made, for example.

So none of the words are bad in and of themselves. I think it's just the kind of trite mantra like state of it. It's the sort of 'quote' that isn't even a quote, rather it's just some random words chucked together because they sound positive and easy and achievable.

They're the kind of words that are splashed over a black and white photograph of a beach, or a picture of a laughing child. In a horrible font. and shared on Facebook.

The kind of shit you see on the dating profile of a bona fide sociopath who thinks everyone should 'be happy' because 'life's to short (sic)' and who likes to 'live for today' and 'try everything once.'

Maybe if they were balanced oout by some realism. Some yin to the yang. Some dark to the light. Some depth to the empty. Like: 'live, laugh, love, die, rot, disappear'. Or: 'live, laugh, love, drink, fight, cheat, leave'.

Sort of finishes it off. Gives it an arc. Pulls it from the meaningless to the meaningful. Without the dark we can't properly enjoy the light. And without the fear of loss nothing is precious.

Live, laugh, love now because tomorrow you could be worm food.

There. That's good. I might make a meme.


  1. "Life's too short" really annoys me. Well, yes, of course it is: in a world of virtually infinite possibilities, no-one can die having achieved / experienced everything that they wanted to - and those who think they can are merely lacking imagination. But, far too often, "life's too short" is used as an excuse for a person's failure to act like a decent human being - and life's never too short for that.

  2. Can I also nominate the phrase, 'Happy Monday!', as if everything is just working out fine all the time. Bah.