Monday, 7 April 2014


People who comment on news stories about celebrities with a simple 'who?' say so much.

I can't quite explain how I admire their brave stance and their superior intellect. They don't know who that celebrity is, you see. That means they're too clever and this trivia shouldn't be brought to their attention.

Why don't the newspapers and news sources they've signed up to on social media only bring to their attention stories on worthy people? Why is that? I mean, they've only signed up to news sources that thrive and survive almost solely on the basis of mundane stories about celebrities so I can completely see their point.

And I find it really interesting and fascinating of them to feel the need to read a story about someone they're not interested in and then take the opportunity to tell everyone on the Internet that they've been forced into reading this puerile shit and are now compelled to comment on it and make it known that they didn't want to read this story because they're not interested in this facile subject matter and they don't EVEN KNOW WHO IT IS.

I say all this, of course, following the news about Peaches Geldof. Dead at 25. Two babies left behind. 

The reason she's in the news is because she's famous. She may only be famous for being someone famous' daughter but famous she is. That's why it's being reported, you see.

It really is that simple. I feel compelled to address these people's endless concerns. She's being reported on because she's famous. She's being brought to your attention because you are following the news source you saw it on, it's unlikely anyone thinks her death is more important than anyone else's but the reason non famous people aren't reported on is because they're not famous and, finally, whether you think she's worthy to be a 'celebrity' or not is moot. She is famous.

They're the same people who see that a celeb has died and immediately infer it's drugs. Maybe it is. Maybe it isn't. Doesn't really matter does it?

All in the end is harvest. Be nice.

Oh, and you do know who she is. You just do.

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  1. Quite so: I know who Peaches Geldof was. And, even though her life, and death, had very little effect on mine, it's still sad - a woman dies at 25, leaving two babies behind: how could it not be? "Who?" means "Hey, look at me everybody: I'm way too cool and clever to be bothered with this." But what they're actually doing, and are too stupid to realise, is proving the exact opposite. Morons.