Friday, 23 May 2014

#100 days of happiness - DAY 1 - my head is a normal shape

I've decided to do #100daysofhappiness, even though there is little point. I don't really think it will change anything. I don't really like things like this and I definitely don't like hashtags. They make me #vomit #in #my #mouth. But people are always telling me to have a more positive mental attitude, so here goes.

Day 1 - I'm happy that my head is not grotesquely misshapen and deformed thanks to my mother's abuse and cruelty, like Albert in the short story I read yesterday. Albert was born and his mum didn't want him because his dad ran off with someone else so she kept him in a room all alone until he was seven. This would be bad enough but she also had a medieval baby head shaping helmet/mask thing made and put it on him when he was tiny and left it on him until he was seven. When he got to seven, having lived his whole life in one room and all fat and blubbery because she fed him shit, and had this helmet thing on, she then took him to his dad's house where his dad was living happily with wife of seven years.

She leaves him on the doorstep with a note tied around his neck saying that he is Albert and has come home to daddy. And they take the helmet thing off and his face and head is so grotesquely misshapen and deformed that he looks like a monster and everyone faints and pukes when they see him.

This was a PAN horror story from the 70s and I liked it a lot but I am happy that my head is not like Albert's.


  1. Hello - I don't want to discourage your venture into happiness however I'd offer a note of caution; exercises that direct you to think positive thoughts can be counter productive for people with mental health issues - if you're in a depressive state you struggle to find positive things in your life beyond loved ones and it becomes an unachievable goal which impacts negatively on your self-worth. That's what I've taken from personal experience and too many books on positive psychology anyway - you may well be in a completely different headspace. I wanted to get across if you don't do the 100 days it's the concept that is flawed not you.

    ps Via yourself and google I now know a dog has anal glands and how to milk them. My fervent hope is that said information remains second hand knowledge.

  2. I dunno if you got the whole sarcasm vibe going on...