Saturday, 24 May 2014

#100daysofhappiness - DAY 2 - my dog is ALIVE

Hashtag: thank fuck for that.

Maybe there is something to this #100daysofhappiness thing after all.

Last night my darling pooch, light of my life, cuddler supreme and all round general Best Dog Ever (TM) started screaming with pain. I thought it was something I'd done. This is my wont. I soon realised it wasn't.

When her screams occurred every 20 minutes I decided she had to go to the emergency vet. A 45 minute drive, made worse by the fact that my road is closed due to some endless resurfacing or some shit, with a dog screaming in pain is Not A Fun Thing.

Her life flashed before my eyes. She's only just arrived into a world where she is looked after. After five or six years living on the streets, I couldn't bear to entertain the thought that now she was severely ill. Having an animal in pain is one of the worst things to endure. Not being able to ask them what's wrong. Not being able to help her.

The drive seemed to take approximately seventy billion years.

I didn't actually cry until we reached the hospital and then I did.

The vet looked exasperated - as well she might - at my display of emotion.

I blame hormones.

One examination, two anal glands expressed and a fair wodge of cash later and my darling pooch was much better.

The feeling of relief was sweet sweet SWEET and has carried on into today.

So yeah, Day 2, I can say that I am truly happy that she is well and pain free.

Day 3 has a lot to live up to.

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  1. glad for you both...nothing worse than our 'babes' being sick & feeling useless because we don't know what's wrong!