Friday, 30 May 2014

#100daysofhappiness DAYS 5 and 6

In between working to ridiculous deadlines that necessitated getting up at 5am, then going to work with  the rudest, thickest 'chef' I've ever had the privilege of rubbing shoulders with, on top of fuck all sleep because some utter cunts are resurfacing the road outside my bedroom window (they didn't want to disturb anyone during the day you see. It just wouldn't do if people had a small diversion to contend with during the day you see. Much better to get the diggers out between the hours of 8pm and 6am because these are OPTIMUM hours to dig up and resurface the road, complete with three diggers, rolling things, actual floodlights and approximately 20 foul mouthed men in hi vis jackets who are just a joy to walk past when one is coming home from work. I mean who's going to be REMOTELY bothered by all of that?).

Anyway, what with all this fun and the disappearance of a nice man I was talking to (I didn't kill him or anything. I'm aware that sounded sinister. He just did The Fade on me) I've been struggling to just get through the motherfucking day, let alone find something that makes me feel all rainbow bright and fuzzy.

So for Day 5, let's just say I was happy that I wasn't actually dead. That's the best I can do.

Day 6, that's today, followed much the same track. Except I got new glasses. And they are nice. I think they look nice. No one really noticed but I did.

And then I got home and remembered that my dog smells of biscuits and grass and her belly is nice to stroke and she gave me a cuddle and I got a sudden rush of blood to the heart.

So that'll do for Day 6.

I'll try to conjure up some real heartwarming, facile shit for tomorrow though.

Stay tuned.

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