Friday, 30 May 2014

It's a kind of magic

Why do people subscribe to the ridiculousness that is homeopathy?

This bothers me. It's niggles me. When it comes to religion and god and belief I'm an out and out sceptic. For me it's clear as crystal that belief and hope are emotions conjured up in order to protect ourselves from cold harsh reality.

I get why people feel they need to believe in something, particularly when the bad shit is going down. I even understand why people feel the need to 'thank' something or be grateful to something. I mean, it would genuinely be peachy if there was a reason and a purpose and we are all here for something. But there isn't, obviously. Or at least, until someone can prove otherwise it's clear to me there isn't.

Granted, this could be why I'm a miserable fucker. It's not easy to stare reality in the face and realise there's nothing. No reason for us to be here. No plan. No focus. No duties to fulfil. We have to create all of that and give ourselves a purpose and a reason to breathe in and out. And that's hard, man. I'd much rather have something fancy to blame and pray to. But I don't.

Even though religion is not something I feel I can believe in, I think I understand why it remains so important to some people. It gives a sense of meaning and a side of the fence to sit on when it comes to fighting about shit. If you really, truly believe that women should go around wearing tents and walking three paces behind men, then you have a reason to be pissed when they don't.

If you really believe that what an old book says is gospel truth and have taken some of the words completely out of context to back up your homophobia or racism then, y'know. I get it. I don't like it, but I sort of get it. It's useful to prop up the weaknesses of the human mind and the constant need for power and oppression. Religion's ace for that.

But shit like homeopathy? I mean, REALLY? Or horoscopes? Or crystal therapy? Or chakras? Or fairies? There are people all over the interwebs who purport to 'believe' in this shit. How do you 'believe' in something that is so obviously a massive pile of hokum bullshit? Don't you feel stupid? Doesn't it make you feel DUMB?

Homeopathy is an actual, proper crock. Even the guy who invented it knew it was shite. Kind of like L Ron Hubbard, he put something out there to see if there was anyone gullible enough to swallow it. And oh look, there ARE.

In the 19th century, shit was different. I get that. People were living through the golden age of scientific and medicinal discovery. They thought they'd discovered effective cures in laudanum and opium. And, let's face it, they had. Take that stuff and you don't give a shit about your dysentery, TB or syphilis anymore. But they also came up with shit that's just insane.

Like mediums, ectoplasm and homeopathy.

Homeopathy takes a disease or remedy and waters it down so much that there is nothing left of the original substance. Nothing. It is water. It is literally water. The 'tincture' is WATER. So it's basically someone selling people tiny bottles of water and telling them to close their eyes real tight and just BELIEVE. It's a Disney film. It's BULLSHIT.

There is something in the placebo effect. Numerous studies have shown this and I think there are occasions where it's obviously not harmful for someone to use the power of their mind to attempt to overcome/live with/come to terms with/deal with their symptoms. But don't peddle it as a cure. That's actual quackery. It's lies. It's like going to a witch doctor for your cancer. Or visiting a medium to cure your heart disease. Like reading tarot cards and telling your fortune. It's not real. Magic doesn't exist.

Just like cancer can't be cured by positive thinking and people wanking on about 'fighting it'. The only thing that will cure cancer is research and science. That's it. Nothing else. Not magic beans, not vitamins, not special water and definitely not homeopathy.

I thought that everyone realised homeopathy was just water. But after I'd read about the founder dude, I did a quick Google search. There are schools of homeopathy. There are people calling themselves Doctors of homeopathy, people who say they're 'trained in homeopathy'. What? Trained to sell tiny bottles of water to people who need real, actual help? Where do you get trained in that? A special circle of hell?

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